A Python library to create Intelligent Information Agents.

Slavy: a Python library to 
				create Intelligent Agents.

What is Slavy?

Slavy is a Python library designed to made easy the creation of sofbots (software robots) which browse the web extracting data and building information. It has been created based on the human behaviour when browsing the web.

Browsy. The browser of Slavy.
Content filtering. Browse just the content you want.
Compressed browsing. Save up to 70% bandwith.
Autopost. POST requests, but easier.
Data extraction. Easy and powerful.
Direct RSS extraction. Because RSS still rocks.
Data filtering. Just get the things that you want.
Mashups: unlimited. Share and combine info between different sofbots.
Custom output. Build your output format whatever you want.
Works as a Web Service. Slavy speaks JSON and XML.
Native cache. Make your Web Service faster.
Templates. Write once, use forever.
Communication. Save the info in DB or send it by e-mail.
Multithread. Get your own Softbot army.

By e-mail

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